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April 2018 • contact: fujak@orange.fr
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Now, here are some documents about our nature art work from 2017!
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Margrit Neuendorf and Olivier Huet
les Fujak

Art galleries

Global Nomadic Art Project • France • September 2017

This is an artist residency we organized in Anjou.
22 artists from 11 countries joined in from September 5 to 15, 2017. Our theme was "Art galleries" or how to understand the troglodytic heritage of Saumur and its environment in an artistic way.

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30 jours / 30 days

Global Nomadic Art Project • Eastern Europe • July 2017

In July 2017, we participated in the "GNAP Eastern Europe" and traveled to Bulgaria, Romania and Hungary.
This document presents the context of the trip as well as some of the works in situ we realised during the half day "workshops" in various regions.

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low tension

Basse tension,
Sentier Art Nature du Gorneton
Chasse-sur-Rhône/Seyssuel (38), May 2017

the chromatic mill

Le moulin chromatique,
Installation for the Jardin des Arts
Ar Milin', Châteaubourg (35), April 2017